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How can I advertise on TopSocialExchanges.Com?

-Its easy! Anywhere you see an advertisement, you can click the [Advertise Here] link located below the ad to be redirected directly to the purchase form for that ad space.

-To upgrade to a Premium Member, you can complete that directly from the User Control Panel after logging into your account.


Where can I advertise on TopSocialExchanges.Com?

-Featured Exchange - 468x60 Banner - Seen at the top as a "Featured Today" social exchange.

-Premium Member - Account Upgrade - Enables an orange background on your social exchange , a much larger image to stand out and a listing in the side bar of all pages.

-Left Sidebar - 125x125 Banner - Seen on all pages throughout TopSocialExchanges.com.

-Boost Page Footer - 125x125 Banner - Seen on only the Boost page that is linked to from every exchange.



Any guidelines for purchased banner content I am allowed to display on Top Social Exchanges?

-PG-13. Anything our kids cant see will be declined from displaying on the website and your payment refunded in full.

-Your banner should be targetting Social Network Users or Webmasters. Example: A plumbing company will not make any sales here.



 Why was my account set to inactive?

-Any social exchange that does not receive a single website hit tracked by the topsocialexchanges.com button for 7 days will be set to inactive and hidden from the ranking lists until traffic is again active on that social exchange. Soon as traffic is being tracked again, your exchange will automatically reactivate.

-*NOTE: Did you forget to add the button tracking code? Without the tracking code, we can not track your site and you will not gain any rank!



I signed up for an account but was declined acceptance to the list?

-TopSocialExchanges.Com is for ranking Social Exchange platforms only. If you do not run a Social Exchange, It is IMPOSSIBLE to open an account and add your website to be ranked on TopSocialExchanges.Com.



What is this "Unique Clicks In" Weekly Contest?

-Every week the Social Exchange that has the most unique clicks in tracked on their button, will receive a free 7 day premium member package.

-Whats a click in? A click in is counted everytime someone clicks the topsocialexchanges button on your website and boosts your page on their way to the ranking list.